Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. (NPMC) is an independent, discretionary portfolio management firm registered in the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC; and is registered as an Investment Funds Manager in Ontario and Manitoba. Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BCV Asset Management Inc. ( 1

Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. designs and manages investment portfolios using individual securities, exchange traded funds and the NFC Tactical Asset Allocation Pool. As a discretionary portfolio manager, all buy and sell decisions in the portfolio are the responsibility of the portfolio manager. 2

To help ensure that the portfolio is being managed appropriately on your behalf, a thorough assessment is made of your current situation, investment goals, risk profile and time horizon. This information is transposed into an Investment Policy Statement representing your specific desires as to how your portfolio is to be managed over time.

One of the objectives of NPMC is to develop and manage lower cost, lower risk portfolios that are adapted to changing market environments and economic situations. The primary goal is to manage risk through effective security selection, asset allocation, sector allocation and geographic allocation strategies. If the risks of specific securities or asset classes, sectors or geographic regions appear to be higher than other alternatives, the risk will be managed using any number of different approaches. 3 By continuously monitoring and managing portfolio risks, NPMC strives to create a consistent return with lower levels of risk and greater tax-efficiency over time.

When structuring portfolios, NPMC strives to address the 5 great killers of wealth, create a tax-efficient portfolio and income stream (where necessary), reduce portfolio costs, reduce portfolio risks while also increasing income and helping the client to maintain or continue to build their accumulated wealth.

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  1. NPMC is also registered as an Investment Funds Manager in Alberta and BC via the registration in Manitoba, where Manitoba is the principle regulator of NPMC
  2.  Clients sign a Portfolio Management Agreement that grants this authority to NPMC
  3. Such as modifying the asset mix, investing in securities that offset the perceived risk and / or by using stop loss orders