What is this book about?

This book is about “Mastery”. “Mastery” is an interesting thought. Is Mastery really necessary to be happy or successful? Certainly the answer is no. However, unless the focus is on “Mastery” then the outcome is most often mediocrity. Yet, how do you really know if you are “Mastering Your Retirement” or if you are living this next phase of your life in mediocrity? To answer this question, Master Your Retirement provides a wide range of ideas, concepts, rules and principles to follow and to apply to your personal situation.

When it comes to Mastering Your Retirement, this book is about creating a consistent income, while paying the lowest amount of tax and having the lowest risk portfolio. These three things bring peace of mind and are a cornerstone of the mastery process.

What will I learn from this book?

You will learn about:

  • The 7 traits of Mastery.
  • The “5 Great Killers of Wealth” and the significant impact these items have on your income, capital and financial security. You will learn how to address these issues so as to create greater financial certainty.
  • The key financial Principles that must be followed at all times so as to potentially create a more predictable, lower risk financial future.
  • The 5 Key Stages of Retirement and how everyone will flow through each of these stages. Knowing how your retirement may evolve next can be helpful in preparing for this next stage. When you are well prepared, then unexpected surprises will potentially have less impact on your plans.
  • Strategies to manage portfolio risk.
  • A 12 month approach to Mastery. By doing the little things consistently over time, the long term takes care of itself.

Why is this book unique today?

This book is unique because:

  • It addresses head on the Killers of Wealth. If you ignore the Killers of Wealth, then the road to success may that much more difficult.
  • It identifies specific, key principles to follow year over year. This is important because it gives you the tools to make informed and consistent decisions.
  • It is designed for Mastery and is not limited by licensing, for example. Many books about retirement, written by other financial advisors, is often based on their own experience and their own licensing. Depending on the license they hold, their advice will reflect this limitation. This book moves beyond this limitation, as individuals must do to achieve Mastery.
  • At the end of each chapter there are four specific checklists to follow: i) Things You Need to Know, ii) Questions You Need to Ask, iii) Things You Need to Do and iv) Decisions You Need to Make. These lists make it very helpful to implement the ideas discussed in each chapter.
  • Each chapter is organized in an identical manner: i) The chapter begins with a real life situational case study, ii) next is the “Issues” section that sets the stage for each chapter, iii) next is the “Solutions” section that provides practical information and tips on how to address the issues presented and finally, section iv) that summarizes the key points in each chapter.

By organizing the book in this fashion, it is easy to access and recall important information for your reference for years to come.

What are the chapter titles?

  • Forward: Why You Need To Read This Book Today.
  • Introduction: Understanding Today’s Retirement Reality.
  • Chapter 1: Lessons from the Masters
  • Chapter 2: The Great Killers of Wealth.
  • Chapter 3: The Principles and Rules to Master Your Retirement.
  • Chapter 4: The Phases of Retirement.
  • Chapter 5: Where You Invest is More Important Than How Much You Invest.
  • Chapter 6: One to Two Years Prior to Retirement.
  • Chapter 7: The First Two Years of Retirement.
  • Chapter 8: The Healthy Years.
  • Chapter 9: When Illness Strikes.
  • Chapter 10: Being On Your Own.
  • Chapter 11: Your Final Estate Plan.
  • Chapter 12: Managing Portfolio Risks.
  • Chapter 13: The Master Your Retirement Process: How to fulfil your dreams with peace of mind.
  • Epilogue
  • Technical Appendix

Total Length: 215 Pages.

Can I read some of it before I buy it?

Yes, attached is the Forward and Introduction, that sets the stage for the chapters that follow. Please give it a read so as to give yourself an idea of the value of this book to you.

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