2589_DougNelson 14371A Brief History: Vern Nelson, our founder, began his career in the financial services business in 1966. At that time he focused primarily on estate planning services for families and business owners, providing analysis, advice and specific insurance product solutions to meet these needs. In the late 1970’s Vern incorporated his business and began operating as Nelson Insurance Services. In 1995, Nelson Insurance Services was changed to be Nelson Financial Consultants, so as to better represent our expanding fee for service financial planning services as well as our growing emphasis on investments and portfolio management. In 2013 the nelson group of companies were restructured when Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. was established, opening the door for Vern’s original corporation to return to its original roots as Nelson Insurance Services Corp.

Today: Nelson Insurance Services Corp. represents the activities provided by Doug Nelson and his team as insurance licensed individuals.

An insurance licensed individual is able to provide clients access to products available through life insurance companies. This includes products such as:

  • Life Insurance.
  • Disability Insurance.
  • Critical Illness Insurance.
  • Long Term Care insurance.
  • Travel & Health Insurance.
  • Annuities.
  • Segregated Investment Funds.
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates.

However, products such as these are just a means to an end. They can be very powerful tools that will help to build wealth, protect wealth and transition wealth to others. They can be very tax-efficient and can be very low cost. They can provide greater financial security and play a very significant role in one’s overall financial plan. However, the goal, and the challenge, is to know when to best use these types of products. This is why we recommend the completion and maintenance of a well-structured financial plan prior to making final decisions on the implementation on any of these types of products.

Summary: Nelson Insurance Services Corp. is the entity through which Doug Nelson and his team represent insurance company products to their clients.

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