Corporate Structure:

  • Nelson Insurance Services Corp. is an independent corporation that has insurance contracts with various insurance companies so that Doug Nelson and his team can provide insurance products to their clients when a need for this type of product arises.
  • Nelson Insurance Services Corp. does not provide any portfolio management services or specific financial planning advice. Specific financial planning advice would come from Nelson Financial Planning Corp. Specific portfolio management services would come from Nelson Portfolio Management Corp.
  • Nelson Insurance Services Corp. is part of the Nelson group of companies, the collective activities of which is represented by the name Nelson Financial Consultants. Nelson Financial Consultants does not employ any individual or provide any products or services. The nelson group are the activities of Doug Nelson and his team, when providing financial services to their clients.

Licensing and Commissions Earned:

  • To provide insurance products, the advisor needs to hold a valid insurance license and be sponsored by a specific insurance company. The sponsoring company for Doug Nelson and his other team members is RBC Insurance.
  • Nelson Insurance Services Corp. is a registered corporation in Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta and is registered with each of the respective insurance councils in these regions. Doug Nelson is also registered personally in BC to provide insurance products to his clients.
  • All insurance products pay commissions. Nelson Insurance Services Corp. will receive commissions on the sale of any insurance product provided through an insurance company. Some life insurance companies will offer trips, conferences or other incentives from time to time to encourage the sale of additional insurance products. Nelson Insurance Services Corp. does not participate in these types of incentive programs.
  • Nelson Insurance Services Corp. is contracted with the following life insurance companies (listed in alphabetical order): Assumption Life, BMO Insurance, Canada Life, Canada Protection Plan, Equitable Life, Empire Life, Great-West Life, Humania, Industrial Allicance, Manulife Financial, RBC Insurance, Standard Life, Sun Life and Transamerica. Contracts may be added with additional insurers over time.
  • Conflicts of Interest: A conflict of interest can occur if the interests of Doug Nelson and his team are placed ahead of the interests of the client. This may mean that the Nelson group receives a greater commission earned when representing one product vs. another. Different products have different features and benefits. To best determine the most appropriate strategy, financial plan or product option, Doug Nelson and his team recommends that all product decisions should be based on the underlying financial plan. This approach also helps to reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest. If you are concerned about a potential conflict of interest, please communicate this concern to Doug Nelson.

Our Business Objectives and the Sharing of Your Personal Information:

  • It is our objective to provide a more comprehensive and integrated service to a smaller group of clients. Our preferred nelson group client is one who sees value in financial planning analysis. It is our view and experience that the key to long term financial success (where financial success is defined based on the needs, goals and objectives of the individual), is to i) pay attention to the details (such as the 5 great killers of wealth) and ii) to connect the dots between all of the different components of your financial program. We believe that many of the good things achieved in one area of your financial affairs can be undone by just one or two bad outcomes in another area of your financial affairs. Therefore, it is our view that an integrated approach to your financial plan is extremely important.
  • It is our view that the ideal approach is to begin with the creation of an overall financial plan, provided to you through Nelson Financial Planning Corp. When we have a good understanding of your situation from a financial planning perspective, then it is our view that we can provide to you more appropriate recommendations as it relates to both your portfolio (provided through Nelson Portfolio Management Corp.) and your insurance needs (provided through Nelson Insurance Services Corp.).
  • The completion or maintenance of a formal financial plan, with Nelson Financial Planning Corp. or any other organization, is not a requirement or pre-requisite to work with Nelson Insurance Services Corp.
  • With these thoughts in mind, it is important that you are aware that your personal information WILL BE shared between each of the nelson group corporate entities. The sharing of your personal information is not for the purpose of providing information to an unrelated individual or firm so as to sell specific stand-alone products or services. The purpose of sharing your personal information is to provide to you a seamless and integrated service, driven by the goals and objectives of your overall financial plan, delivered to you by Doug Nelson and his team.
  • Should you have any questions about the sharing of your personal information between each of the nelson group corporate entities or about our privacy policy, please contact Doug Nelson at 204-956-0519 or online.