Nelson Financial Consultants is the name we use to represent the overall financial services activities of my team and I. Across the top of this section of our website I have discussed our overall philosophy to assisting people with their financial questions:

This philosophy is applied in everything we do. My team and I provide products and services to our clients in three primary areas:

  • Fee for Service Financial Planning: As a certified financial planner, my financial planning team and I are able to provide to you independent, fee for service financial planning and retirement planning services through Nelson Financial Planning Corp. For more information on these services, click here.
  • Custom Portfolio Management: As a registered portfolio manager, my portfolio management team and I can provide to you discretionary portfolio management services through Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. For more information on how we help our clients implement lower cost and lower risk portfolio management solutions, click here.
  • Insurance: As a licensed insurance advisor, my insurance team and I can give you access to a wide range of life, disability and critical illness insurance products and annuities through Nelson Insurance Services Corp. For more information on these products and services, click here.

Our greatest value is delivered by working with a smaller group of clients in a more comprehensive manner. We are looking for clients who see value in the financial planning approach and who wish to work with an advisor team who can connect the dots between different types of financial needs. It is our view and experience that the greatest financial results can be achieved when i) different components of your financial affairs are connected together through one comprehensive plan, ii) this plan is reviewed and updated regularly, and iii) the plan focuses on addressing head on the 5 great killers of wealth.

To best understand how we can provide these services to you, please review the following sections in the order provided below:

If after reviewing these sections you feel that there is a good fit between what we do and what you would like to achieve, then please call 204-956-0519 or contact us online. We would be delighted to meet with you!

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