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Positivity Practitioner & Coach.
Providing training, coaching and consulting services designed to help people create positive change and positive results in their personal and work lives. Susan provides positivity education and personal coaching services to the clients of Nelson Financial Consultants.

Phone: 204-801-4389

B.Comm.(hons.) – I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba.

Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology with the Flourishing Centre in NYC. Certified Coach, and is a graduate of Mindfulness-based Strengths Practice level 1 and 2 with the VIA Character Organization. She is certified in The Passion Test, Flourishing Skills Groups, the 5 Appreciation Languages in the Workplace, and Type-Coach communication systems. Susan is experienced in developing numerous custom programs for partner organizations including: Happy Up; Blossoming When Life Gives You Lemons; Becoming Social(ish); Vitality Challenge, Shift Your Mindset; Ice-Breakers for Virtual Teams; My Life Reboot; and Big Juicy Goals.

Positive transformation leads to positive results. Susan Kuz is a positivity practitioner, coach and instructional designer, and has facilitated workshops and coached personal clients since 2009.  She brings a wealth of experience through over 25 years of working with corporations of all sizes, including non-profits, privately owned, publicly traded, and crown corporations.  Susan and the Nelson team share similar goals and beliefs about the importance of having confidence, clarity and purpose in one’s own life.  Combining personal clarity with detailed and reflective financial advice, clients can feel confident that their financial goals are in alignment with their personal values, that risks are well managed and that the overall financial plan is on a solid foundation.  With this clarity, you can now go live out your plan with confidence.  Susan and the Nelson team are collaborating in the development of educational resources and seminars, to help our clients be at their very best, living a full and abundant life. She is the founder of Social(ish), a private online course community designed to help adults create positive transformations in their lives.

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