Alan Rowell professional photo

President. The Accounting Place.
Tax Analysis & Tax Return Preparation Services.
Tax Analysis Credentials: Distinguished Financial Advisor (DFA).

Tax Specialist and President, The Accounting Place

Alan Rowell, President and Tax Specialist of The Accounting Place, specializes in working with individuals and small to medium size businesses by providing accounting and taxation services that are unique to each client.

After 30 years experience, Alan has developed a unique ability to translate taxation language into plain English and does not hesitate to dig deeper and ask for clarification and interpretations from the various Provincial Ministries of Finance and Canada Revenue Agency.

His achievements include the DFA designation and he is recognized as one of the leading tax services specialists in Canada. He is a tax resource for a number of Financial Planners and a Strategic Educational Partner with the Knowledge Bureau. Since 1998, when Alan formed The Accounting Place, he has saved small business owners literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes through his savvy interpretations of the tax laws and his ability to help individuals and business owner’s structure, operate and organize their financial affairs to their best overall advantage.

Career Highlights:

No highlight exceeds the sense of satisfaction achieved when you have assisted a client from idea conception through to ultimate achievement of their goals.

Alan Rowell is also a faculty member of the Knowledge Bureau. The Knowledge Bureau is a national educational institute providing certificate training and professional development at a post-secondary level to advisors in the tax and financial services, as well as educational news and information services to their clients.

Workshops and Broadcasting:

As founder and lead sponsor of Tax Freedom Day educational seminar, Alan believes in the educational and information process. “Only by educating our clients can we best advise and insure their continued growth” says Alan Rowell.

As the local tax specialist in Greater Hamilton, Alan is often the resource for the Hamilton Spectator and CHCH-TV. He is also a regular monthly contributor to the BusinessLink and TaxLetter publications and an occasional contributor to the MoneyLetter.

Participation and presentation of the Tax Consequences of Debt Management in conjunction with the Knowledge Bureau’s January 2009 Line-by-line Tax update provided the opportunity to meet with financial specialists across the country and discuss the various aspects of taxation affecting everyone.

Awards and Recognition:

  • One of the first recipient’s of the Knowledge Bureau DFA designation
  • Reader’s Choice Platinum Winner for Accounting and Taxation – 2007; Hamilton Community News
  • Reader’s Choice Platinum Winner for Accounting and Taxation – 2008; Hamilton Spectator
  • Reader’s Choice Diamond Award Winner for Best Advisor – 2008 Hamilton Spectator
  • Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Award Nominee – 2009
  • Reader’s Choice Platinum Winner for Accounting – 2009; Hamilton Community News

Work-Life Activities:

A dyed-in-the-wool Toronto Maple Leaf Fan the office has been known to close during “special” hockey games. Alan has coached minor hockey at all levels and his teams have won numerous championships. This activity shows in Alan’s business approach – practice your weaknesses and play to your strengths.

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