Nelson Financial Planning Corp. is an independent, fee only financial planning firm. We strive to answer your questions by providing financial planning services to you in one of two ways:


The Stand Alone Planning Process: Do you have specific questions or concerns that you would like to have answered today? Are you wishing to engage the services of a financial planner, without the concern of having the advisor also strive to sell you an investment or insurance product at the same time? Are you looking for a second opinion? If so, then this approach may be best for you.

To begin this process, we provide to you a 60 minute consultation time free of charge. This time will help us understand your unique situation and provide to you specific feedback on how we may be of assistance.

Once we understand your situation, we will provide to you a specific game plan on what we can do for you, the time it will take, the cost involved and what you will receive from us in return.

When quoting you a fee for this type of service, we strive to lock the fee in to a specific dollar amount so that you can feel confident that the fees will not be any higher than the fee quoted to you.  Nelson Financial Planning Corp. charges at a rate of $250 per hour.


The Perpetual Planning Process: Your situation is always changing and evolving. Each year there are new issues that arise. These issues may appear small, but the longer term ripple effect could also be significant. You recognize that there are 5 great killers of wealth and that the key to successful longer term financial outcomes is to apply specific strategies consistently well over time. This is where the financial planning process evolves from being a “one time event” to a dynamic, perpetual plan that is consistently reviewed and adjusted over time.

As part of the Perpetual Planning Process, you benefit from the many ideas and issues that arise with other client situations similar to yours. When issues arise in one client situation, those clients in the Perpetual Planning Process will be the recipient of the same advice or change in a timely manner. From our perspective, this is extremely important and valuable.

Nelson Financial Planning Corp. has developed a perpetual planning environment called Financial Desktop. You can be involved in this environment over time if you are so inclined to do so.

The fees paid for this service is based on an annual retainer, linked to your net worth. Typical annual fees range from $800 to $1600 annually.


When receiving financial planning advice from Nelson Financial Planning Corp., specific investment or insurance product or quotations will not be provided unless authorized by you. Specific investment commentary or recommendations would be provided by Nelson Portfolio Management Corp. Specific insurance product recommendations or quotations would be provided to you by Nelson Insurance Services Corp.

To arrange for a consultation, please contact us at 204-956-0519 or at contact us online.


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