To what extent will your next financial decision build more wealth? With this outcome in mind, what if you were to make a different financial decision? Would this other decision increase or hinder your odds of your financial success? How would you know?

What if you asked this question each and every time you were faced with an important financial decision? Would this help you make better, more informed financial decisions?

Our experience tells us the answer is yes. Why is this? In our view, something is only as good as to what you compare it to. Therefore, there are always good choices, but the key is to understand which choice is the most beneficial and why. In every decision you make, the primary goal should always be to build more wealth.

This is not to say that the only important goal in life is to be financially rich. Absolutely not. Yet, if the goal of every financial decision is to build more wealth in some way, then you can be more assured that you are deploying your hard earned income and accumulated capital in the most efficient manner. If you are deploying your income and capital in the most efficient manner, then you will typically have more income and capital available to do those other things that are most important to you today, and in the future.

With all of this being said, by addressing the 5 great killers of wealth head on while also retaining more income, the natural outcome is building more wealth. This is what we have experienced with our clients over the years.

But how do you achieve all of this? It begins by paying attention to the details.

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